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Your contribution ensures we can run a grassroots campaign, quite literally. Even though this is a small town, I believe in compensating people who use their professional skills to contribute to our success. This primarily means web development and visual design work as our biggest expense. Some funds will also go towards administrative fees for the website such as hosting and URL purchases.

Because I am trying to commit to as close to a zero-waste pledge as possible, I invested in physical materials that are as sustainable as possible. This means donations will also go to special biodegradable plastic lawn signs that can be recycled, which is much about three times more expensive than typical campaign signs. I will also be mailing recyclable post cards later in the campaign and along with door hangers for canvassing, I’ll be giving out seed packets door-to-door as a way to say “Thank you for being willing to chat with me when I show up unexpectedly at your doorstep!”

If we have additional budget, I will invest in web advertising to reach more people and cut down on physical printing.

Because of our zero-waste pledge, donations go directly towards purchasing special lawn signs and flyers that are eco-friendly to ensure that all physical materials are compostable and/or recyclable.

Please include your mailing address if you are comfortable. As much as possible, I’d like to send donors a little thank you from me. If PayPal donation doesn’t work for you, please email me at, and we’ll work out an alternative donation method.

I’m otherwise completely self-funding the campaign so small or large donations all go a long way to support my goals for Carnation!

The River’s Edge Park is that in name only. It is a tree-lined, empty lot with a single, rusty BBQ grill. It looks almost comical and reminds me of the fictional “Sullivan Street Pit” from the show “Parks & Recreation”. An eyesore and liability. I have never seen anyone use it. Instead, the kids play in the streets, quite literally… Our community is motivated, and I’ve made it my personal goal as the city’s unofficial Leslie Knope to get the empty lot activated for the enjoyment of all.” 

On pitching King County grant funding to develop River’s Edge Park, March 2023

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